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(425) 462-2000
143 Bellevue Square Bellevue
Seattle, WA
(206) 447-6453
1500 6th Ave.
Seattle, WA
(206) 381-8550
600 Pine St.,
Seattle, WA
GEMS Sneakershop
(206) 624-4367
615 Western Ave.
Seattle, WA
Federal Army & Navy Surplus, Inc.
(206) 443-1818
2112 1st Ave.
Seattle, WA
Crescent Down Works
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1115 E. Pike St.
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Utilikilts Co. LLC
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620 1st Ave.
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Brooks Brothers
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Jos.A.Bank Clothiers
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1335 5th Ave.
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BabyLegs, LLC
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6333 1st Ave.
Seattle, WA

Pirate costume ideas for hipsters

Hey there!

First off, I’m one of painfullyhip’s avid readers! Keep up the good job! But in any case, I’m just needing fashion inspirations from the two of you when it comes to a pirate theme party. That perhaps can also involve easy DIYs. And for shoes, what do you think will be appropriate especially if I’m living in a hot sunny weather country? Eg; gladiators/ankleboots? Any ideas? Thanks a whole lot! =D

Love, Lis.

Arrrrrrr-righty then, Lis. I’m assuming you’re looking for Pirate costume suggestions, rather than the Pirate Wench variety? Because frankly? I think the concept of the bosom-laden, voluminous skirt-afflicted Pirate Wench was made up by Disney or Hallmark. Besides, androgyny is HOT.

Ruffled-front poet’s blouse (translation: “puffy shirt” for anyone who was born before 1986): find one at a thrift store. If it’s burning hot, try converting it into a halter blouse by cutting around the collar and over the shoulders, opening up the back.

Fitted vests : worn over ruffled top with fitted trousers, preferably…

Striped trousers, knickers with buttons or harem capris : I’ve seen striped skinny pants at Hot Topic and lots of cute cropped knickers at Target and Walmart… or sew a cinched and buttoned hem onto some cropped pants. Tie a long scarf around your hips to finish it off.

Hair wear : Wear a long scarf tied low around your forehead, trailing down in back, Keith Ri...

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